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Water Treatment for Pflugerville and Central Texas

We service, install and offer affordable prices and financing for water treatment in Pflugerville, Hutto, Round Rock, Georgetown, Leander, Cedar Park, Buda, Kyle, and Austin.

Water Problems

Thank you for visiting Century Water Solutions, where we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and improving the quality of your home’s water.

Would you own a home without a front door? After all, your door is the barrier that keeps out bad weather, dust, and other undesirable elements. So why let hard, impure, water enter your home?
The AvantaPure™ quality-water system is your families front line of protection against hardness elements, iron, rust, and a mass variety of other substances that may be present in your water before it enters your family’s home.

Hard water is the main culprit, affecting everything from the functionality of your plumbing to the softness of your clothes, the taste of your drinking water, and the dryness of your skin and hair.
The AvantaPure system enhances the quality of water throughout your home, from the bathroom to the kitchen, and from the laundry room to the basement or garage. Anywhere there is water being used, will be filtered though GE’s AvantaPure water filtration system by reducing hard water, mineral build-up, and a variety of substances the system refines the lifeblood of your home. From the way you feel after showering to the performance of your appliances and the taste of your drinking water, enhancing the quality of your water enhances the quality of your life.

Overall investing in an AvantaPure system by GE is the ultimate decision. Money is saved over time; the purchase of water bottles will not be necessary, water usage is lessened. Skin is softer. Say goodbye to dry hair and skin. Removing hard rocks from your pipes therefore increasing your families immune systems. Contact Century Water Solutions today for your free Water Treatment Demonstration.

A Healthier And Cleaner Kitchen

  • Dishes and china are cleaner, and glasses and crystal are spotless
  • Fresher, natural flavors when cooking, boiling, and steaming
  • Bottled water costs are replaced by economic water filtration
  • Drinking water is healthier and tastier, as is coffee, juice, soup, and ice
  • Harsh chemical use is lessened and cleaning-supply costs are reduced

Cleaner, More Comfortable Bathrooms

• Skin feels smoother after baths, showers, shaves and handwashing
• Hair is softer, radiant, and more manageable after shampoos
• Shower, tub, and sink cleaning is easier with less soap scum and residue

More Functional and Efficient Plumbing and Appliances

  • Water flow and pressure are improved by less buildup in water pipes
  • Water heater efficiency is increased 22% to 29% because of less mineral scaling
  • Saves over 50% in salt & water use over conventional mechanical time-clock systems

Softer, Cleaner Laundry

• Clothes and towels are brighter and whiter using less detergent

• Washing machines last longer with less mineral scaling

Sheets and clothes are cleaner, fresher, softer and last longer